Director of Hispanic/Latino Movement & Church Development

Dr. Rev. Jorge Ochoa

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Rev. Jorge Jorge, Rev. Dr. Jorge Ochoa Riaño & Team

  • Operation 200

  • Connect with Jesus

  • Evangelism Training: 40 days with Jesus, Church Growth through Cell Groups, Disciples 1 & 2, Missionaries.


Dr. Rev Jorge Ochoa and Team

  • Incubators: Hispanic/Latino Pastors & Leaders; Multicultural (Anglo, Afro-American- Hispanic/Latinos)

  • Lay Servant Ministries in Spanish

  • Christian Academy (3 years of online Theological Education with United Theological Seminary)

  • Evangelistic Leaders School (2 year with UTS, online and in person)

  • License to Preach in Spanish

  • Theological Seminary: Licenciatura en Teología (Bachellor’s in E.U) by Seminario Metodista “Juan Wesley” Monterrey, Mexico & Master in Divinity with The United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio.


Coordinator: Giselle Galban

Team: Vladimir Labrador, Anabelle Jorge

  • Hispanic/Latino News “Connections”

  • Videos, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, Web

  • Design, Photos

  • Documental & Video Reports


Orby Brooks, Rev. Jorge Jorge Riaño, Dr. Rev. Jorge Ochoa

  • ESL Program

  • Project Light

  • Scholarships for Camps (children & youth)

  • Scholarships for pastors and leaders


Giselle Galban, Rev. Jorge Jorge Riaño & Team

  • Women’s Congress

  • VBS Training

  • Hispanic/Latino Pastors & Family Retreat

  • New Events


Rev. Yolanda Tarango, Dr. Rev. Jorge Ochoa

  • Support with Evangelism & Christian Education Materials / Missionary Trip to Panama